For Attendees:
Things you need to know when attending the conference


For AA and YPAA Archives at the conference. Check out the history of AA, ICYPAA, AA in Florida, and Young Peoples in Florida!

Bid City Information:

Information for the cities bidding for the 58th ICYPAA at the 57th ICYPAA in Miami. Get more information by clicking here. Currently all of the Bid City tables are full.

Food, Shopping, Tourist info:

Want to know where you can find food outside of the hotels? There is also a little bit of shopping that can be done in Miami, and maybe a tourist attraction or two. Find out more by clicking here.

Greeters Needed:

Do you like saying hello to people? If you said Yes, then you should volunteer as a greeter for ICYPAA. If ther mere thought of saying hello to strangers almost sent you into a panic attack, then you should let God help you move through that fear by volunteeting to be a greeter at the conference. So either way you should be clicking here.

Outreach Table Reservations:

Are you hosting an AA conference? All of the outreach tables are currently reserved, to get on a waiting list to email


You're coming to Miami!

Here are our recommended options for getting to the hotel from Miami International Airport and Ft. Lauderdale International Airport!

We are happy to announce that we have a special discount code from Super Shuttle just for attendees of The 57th ICYPAA in Miami!!! This code will be valid from Friday, August 21, 2015 to Monday September 7, 2015. Please note: this exclusive discount is similar to booking your hotel room - it’s your choice and your individual responsibility! ICYPAA does not provide official conference shuttle service, but we do think this discount with a well known airport transportation provider is pretty sweet. Don’t freak out, we’re going to give you some information to read! It’s worth the savings. If you still have questions, email our Transportation Chair, Julia M. or our Attendee Experience Chair, Kristy W.

Here’s how it works:

All 57th ICYPAA attendees are allowed to use the discount code from either MIA or FLL airport to the Trump National Doral, The Provident at The Blue or Courtyard Marriott Airport Miami/Doral: 10% discount one way 20% discount roundtrip

PRICES: Super Shuttle has various options that are explained on their website in your reservation booking process. Fares are based on which airport you arrive at, as well as which type of van service you reserve.



w/ discount - Round Trip "Shared Van" is $36


w/ discount - Round Trip "Shared Van" is $50

Make your Super Shuttle reservation with your
57th ICYPAA discount code NOW: LPUGX

If arriving to or departing from Ft. Lauderdale Airport (FLL):


You will NOT be able to book on site at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Take advantage of this as it is the simplest and most affordable way to get to Miami! Be aware that Public Transportation from FLL to the hotels could take 2+ hours.

ONLINE:Shuttle Ft. Lauderdale

CALL: (305) 871-2000 - ASK FOR DANAYS (Group Sales) M-F 8am - 4pm


If arriving to or departing from the Miami International Airport (MIA):

Take advantage of the discount code right away and book now! Although Super Shuttle will allow reservations upon arrival at the Miami International Airport (only!) - booking ahead of time will make things much easier on the ground.

ONLINE: Miami Shuttle

CALL: (305) 871-2000 - ASK FOR DANAYS (Group Sales) M-F 8am - 4pm


You’re booked! Awesome! Once you arrive at either MIA or FLL airport:

Super Shuttle asks that you call their reservation department and tell them which terminal you are at and then they send the van. Super Shuttle does not have permission to have the vans always at the terminals, usually they are in a parking lot outside and come to get you after you notify them you have arrived!

For ONE-WAY return trips FROM the hotels TO the airport (FLL or MIA):
For “One Way” reservations LEAVING ICYPAA hotels, Super Shuttle will require you make this reservation at least 24hrs before your departure time with the flight information to be able to let them know the correct pickup time.

CANCELLATION POLICY: You must cancel at least 2 hours before your scheduled booking in order to avoid being charged. Do not cancel at last minute, the refund will be denied.

Super Shuttle

When arriving to Miami International Airport:

ICYPAA "Meet Up Hub" - If you are arriving in Miami and have "no idea where to go???" Meet up with us.

We reccommend heading to our desgnated Meet Up Hub! No matter what airline you fly in on you can take the MIA MOVER to meet an ICYPAA volunteer rep at the Rental Car Center. It's offsite from the airport, but the train runs from every terminal. From there, we will be able to direct you to the hotel whether it be Uber, Taxi, or if you decide to rent a car! We will also assist in directing attendees to public transportation but travel time with a public transportation is up to a hour. If you are arriving into to the Fort Lauderdale Airport and are not on a budget, we recommend renting a car, travel time with a taxi to the hotel is 45 minutes without traffic.

There will not be any ICYPAA Representatives at the FLL airport.

Check out the transportation page for more info.


This conference is to huge for a host committee to put on all by itself. We need volunteers! This is for all non-greeter volunteer sign ups. Please sign up for a volunteer position and time by clicking here.